Saturday, 9 August 2014

Dragonfly Brewery at The George and Dragon

I love trekking to different parts of London to sample a burger, so when I was invited to the Dragonfly Brewery at The George and Dragon in Acton I was very excited to discover a new place. I've never been to Acton but it feels like one of those up-and-coming towns with new restaurants and bars opening all over the place.

The really cool thing about this pub is the microbrewery at the back where lots of different beers are brewed. As always, I'm not a beer drinking but I was happy to see a couple of interesting looking ciders on display. Steve had an Early Doors IPA which he says was nice and light and a good accompanying drink for a burger. I had Blackberry Bush cider which was sweet but not sickly, a lovely choice. We also shared a half pink of kriek (a sour cherry fruit beer) after our meal which was a nice substitute for dessert. I drank so many of these in Belgium a few months ago and swore the stuff would never touch my lips again but after a big meal it was a fantastic palette cleaners, I'm glad I was sharing a half pint though as it's pretty sickly stuff.

On to the food! The Dragonfly Brewery have created a burger menu to compliment their selection of beer,s with their on-site brewed Dark Matter being a key ingredient. I'm often overwhelmed by a large menu, especially when it comes to burgers so it was nice to see a compact selection of food. I went for the St. George as I was intrigued by the onion jam and Steve opted for the Full Monty for obvious reasons! We also ordered a portion of chips and beer battered onion rings.


The onion jam was lovely and sweet and combined with the cheese and bacon really made for a delicious burger. I meat was high quality and whilst it was a messy burger due to the jam is was a delight to eat. My only issue was that it was a little too cooked for me, I like my burger very pink so in hindsight I should have asked for it to be cooked medium rare. The onions rings were absolutely delicious, you could really taste the beer batter and they had a lovely crunch.

As you can tell from the picture, Steve's burger was a beast and looking back I don't think he even finished it! Whilst another messy one with oozing cheese, beef chilli and jalapeƱos it was totally delicious and a flavour explosion. The beef brisket chilli was especially tasty! The chips were nicely cooked but on this occasion it was the onion rings that were the stand out side order. We were way too full to even attempt dessert but there was a nice sounding brownie on the menu.

I liked this pub a lot, it had a lovely chilled out atmosphere and the price of the burgers was reflected in the quality of the meat. A lot of pubs these days are guilty of producing below parr food but at gourmet prices but this is definitely not the case here. Next time I'm back in Acton I'll definitely be popping my head in again, either for a burger or a refreshing cider.

Have you been to many microbreweries x

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bill or Beak at KERB Kings Cross

I absolutely love KERB, it's my favourite food market in London so when I was invited down to the Kings Cross branch for a photography lesson I jumped at the chance to sample some delicious food whilst practising my photography skills.

With all the tasty food stalls it was hard to pick what to have but once I spied Bill or Beak I knew immediately where I'd be stopping for lunch. With the promise of a duck and pork burger topped with Vietnamese dressing and tempura shallots I knew the Beak option was the one for me. The burger was delicious with the meat being succulent and the onions being crunch, I'll definitely be back to try the Bill option.

Thanks for the day out Simply Health x