Thursday, 11 September 2014

Tacu Tacu at Casa Blue

In my endless hunt to find the finest burgers in London I decided to try out the pop-up Tacu Tacu at the cocktail bar Casa Blue on Brick Lane. Tacu Tacu specialises in Latin American food with a small range of burgers and tacos. I was happy to see the bar nice and busy on my visit, everyone was eating and on first exception the food looked great.

Steve and I ordered both burgers; the Mexican Baja shrimp burger and the hot Havana beef burger. The shrimp burger was unusual but delicious. I'm a huge fan of shellfish but I've never had a burger patty made from shrimp before and it was a taste sensation. The patty was dense with shrimp and held together well. It was flavoursome and the roasted red pepper was a nice accompaniment. The avocado, garlic mayo was extremely tasty and the bread held everything together nicely. The beef burger was just as delicious, the beef was seasoned well and the toppings gave it a nice kick. It was cooked perfectly medium rare and once again everything held together well when eaten by hand. Both burgers were on the large side and extremely filling.

We also tried a couple of tacos; beef and duck. Whilst both tasted great the duck with melted cheese was definitely my favourite of the two. That being said the combination of toppings on the beef taco were wonderful.

As for sides we thought it best just to stick with chips and burger sauce. The chips were crispy, not too salty and surprisingly tasty. We also ordered a slice of mojito cheesecake which tasted just like the cocktail, delicious.

All in all I thought this meal was fantastic, the quality really stood out and it's somewhere I'll definitely visit again.

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