Thursday, 3 January 2013

Byron 2012 Round Up

 A year at Byron

Byron is hands down my favourite big time burger chain. It blows the likes of GBK and Handmade Burger Co. completely out of the water and with it's ever growing empire in London (plus Kent and Oxford locations too) it's firmly staying on the burger map. My go-to burger is the cheese burger with Monterey Jack (medium rare thanks) and courgette fries (damn those crispy vegetables taste so good) but what I love most of all is the constant stream of monthly specials. This year there has been 4 specials and most of them have been absolutely bloody delicious!

In May the Chilli Queen was released to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee. Created with the help of burger legend Fred Smith this green chilli cheeseburger with spiky chipotle mayo was delicious! Hot, hell yes (I don't normally go for chilli cheese burgers) but still divine and because of this the Chilli Queen (now know as The Chilli) will become a permanent feature on the Byron menu from tomorrow!

In August we were introduced to the Californian to celebrate the summer. Overloaded with guacamole, pickled red onion, dry cure bacon and shredded iceberg lettuce I really enjoyed this burger, even with the lack of cheese! This was definitely a top special of mine and would love to see it become a permanent fixture on the menu.

November bought with it the MO Burger, something Byron have been doing for a few years but this was the first time I'd tried it (I didn't really do burgers pre 2012). This was my least favourite special of the year with cheddar cheese, pickled red onion, salted cucumber slices, shredded iceberg lettuce and mustard dill dressing. I'm not a fan of pickles or cucumber so I ended up removing a few constituents of this one but that being said I still enjoyed it.

And last but most certainly not least was the Triple Cheesemas bought to you this December and without a doubt my favourite special of the year! This beauty was a double cheese burger with American cheese, Emmenthal, Monterey Jack, pickled red onion, shredded iceberg lettuce, pickles & spicy Byron sauce. All I can really say about it is OMG because it was that freakin' good, go good I went back and had another one 2 weeks later!

So there you go, Byron did a bloody good year of burgers and I can't wait to see what specials they have lined up for 2013. And if you were wondering what that last picture is in the bottom right hand corner, well it's a little burger purse my friend bought me for Christmas because you know, I love burgers!


  1. Oh man my mouth is drooling! Think we're due another trip soon!

  2. I've only been to Byron once - definitely need to go more in 2013, the special burgers sound amazing. x